The blinding light

is near the door.

Its far too bright for little eyes to ignore.

It hides most of your faces but not those smiles,

that gleam with the intent of pedophiles.

The stained mattresses wadded up by the wall,

and the dinner of sweets that temptingly call.

Somethings not right here.

Its creepy and dim.

Barely any furniture and you’re giggling with him.

Is he your partner in this with his eerie small grin?

Last night when I came home from school with her

how could I have known,

that the monsters she were running from

lived in her very own home?

We went to sleep so early.

Such very strange dreams.

I realize at dinner the next night,

its exactly what it seems.

As you laugh over this “dinner”

of foods made to distract,

I smell the unfamiliar scent

and know that I must act.

For drugs are surely to be blamed.

They knock us out and leave us lame.

Who knows what you do once we rest,

while our drug induced dreams leave us unable to protest.

Eye contact with her and a mental interaction.

She knows what my plan is and she starts her distraction.

As eyes are off me and hands rush to resolve

the problem of her throwing her food at the wall,

I dash past the lamp with the over bright light

to stop at the obstacle preventing my flight.

As I struggle with the door that has thirteen latches,

I turn to see the creeps delivering lashes.

My eyes dart frantically,

 I pray God not leave us alone.

When suddenly my eyes spot a black corded phone.

I dash and grasp it anxious to mash

the three numbers to save us from this nightmare at last!





Suddenly all is dark.

I hold myself and shake,

as I realize the truth that’s almost worse………

I’m awake.




*I wrote this about a nightmare I had. I have always had very very vivid dreams. Which makes good dreams amazing. However, it makes bad dreams terrifying. This one was felt particularly real. Needless to say, I struggled for 4 hours after I woke up to fall back asleep.




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