Driving Thoughts

Sometimes when I drive

I look at other drivers.

‘Who are you?’ I think.

We wander around like strangers,

forgetting we are all linked.

So forgive me if, at the crimson emission that tells us

how fast we must go.

Our eyes meet for the first time,

and to pull away, my eyes are slow.

Oh the old familiar places I see


your face begins to turn.

‘Do I know her?’ you’re probably thinking,

as you drive off without concern.

Whats so wrong with eye contact;

wondering what another’s life is like?

Why do our minds have to be so defined;

to be on a one way track?

Is it so rude to intrude,

upon your travels in a way so small?

Or should I just march on in this never ending race,

Forgetting…its not really a race at all.




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