The Making of a Story

I have so many followers in this community that deserve to have their work published so go fellow writers and learn of this really unique publisher, Endever. They are really unorthodox and very interesting.

Endever Publishing Studios

There is a lot that goes into the making of a great story and the majority would agree that the most daunting and grueling part is the editing. For many, editing feels like you are handing over your new-born baby and you have this real fear that it is not going to be properly taken care of or maybe even be unrecognizable once it is returned to you. That is terrifying. Over and over again in the media and entertainment world, we see artists growing bitter over the compromises forced on them by producers and publishers. This doesn’t create a better product. It only crushes creative spirits.

Our philosophy at Endever is one of candor and collaboration. Collaboration seems pretty straightforward- we work as a team. We peer read, review, discuss, dream…we work together. But how does candor fit into this? Successful peer anything only works when there is a…

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