Blue (Prompted Community Writing Project)(Endever Publishing Studios)

Okay so I’m a bit late to the game for this one. This is a community writing project posted by a very new and very new and unorthodox Publishing Studio. They call themselves Endever Publishing. And seriously they’re amazing. Click here to go check them out. You definitely wont regret it!

They posted this writing prompt about oh I don’t know……17 days ago (!) and i’m just now getting around to doing it. They’re actually very proactive about being involved in our little community….here are the official rules for the prompt if you’re up for some inspiration or just wanna write outside the box.

I tried to write about something that was meaningful to me but still follow the prompt. I hope you like it.




Why is Blue associated with sadness?

In my 25 years I’ve always been puzzled.

That its known as the Hue of the boys;

The pigment of emotional muddles.

Why is it the male gender is given the shade

that even as a girl I so longingly craved.

Not because of the Chroma itself.

Although really it is quite pretty.

To ignore its Chromaticity

Would be really….very shitty.

But its more about what I see behind Blue.

The Blue things that life has bestowed.

The things that made my heart swell,

to the point it would surely explode.

The Ocean for one;

its varying blues.

The way it endlessly unfolds.

The waltz that it dances with seashells at its edge.

The secrets it so passionately withholds.

Waist deep in the water feeling its push and pull.

Trying to make me its own.

Blue has never felt so sensual.

As when its trying to make me moan.

Though majestic and living the Ocean may be,

Seeing blue in this way would have lacked;

the romance of seeing it for the first time with someone

whose love for me is a fact.

For two, look at you.

Blue has never looked so good.

As when its staring back at me in your eyes.

Just one moment of contact from your iris to mine;

yes there they are……



The Making of a Story

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