I’ll never understand why you hate yourself so much.

Maybe I don’t know you well enough yet to see..

Why are you so determined to self-destruct?

If you only knew

How much you mean to everyone around you

Maybe you would get your shit together

But I doubt it.


I get that i’m not perfect.

My shit is far from all in one place.

No one is perfect.


I’m honest.

I’m kind.

I trust.

I really care about my “friends.”

Playing on my kind heart there are you?

It’s not a fucking instrument douche.

Hope you had fun because the symphony of your lies is over.

I set the sheet music on fire and pissed on the ashes.

You’re just a ticking bomb I was trying to diffuse.

I’m done.

I refuse to be the match that sets you off.

So fuck you.

Selfish Bastard.


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