Yellow doubt

I wore my yellow dress.

Its your favorite.

Id hoped youd be all over me.

Sadly I was mistaken.

And the only thing all over me….

Is doubt.



I’ll never understand why you hate yourself so much.

Maybe I don’t know you well enough yet to see..

Why are you so determined to self-destruct?

If you only knew

How much you mean to everyone around you

Maybe you would get your shit together

But I doubt it.


I get that i’m not perfect.

My shit is far from all in one place.

No one is perfect.


I’m honest.

I’m kind.

I trust.

I really care about my “friends.”

Playing on my kind heart there are you?

It’s not a fucking instrument douche.

Hope you had fun because the symphony of your lies is over.

I set the sheet music on fire and pissed on the ashes.

You’re just a ticking bomb I was trying to diffuse.

I’m done.

I refuse to be the match that sets you off.

So fuck you.

Selfish Bastard.


What binds two souls, their hearts and Minds?

I must confess
I do not know.

Though be an answer yes there must,for I have seen it so.

A pang of guilt.

The sting of tears.

Tell me do you feel it too?

Alone I am not walking,
When my heart calls out to you.

I swear my heart must have you on speed dial.

What other reasoning could there be?

What cosmic interference is this leading you to me?

What language of no tongue no lip parts sends messages through the heavens?

Rating from one to ten on fate you would graciously come in at eleven.

You swoop in like a snow white owl with a letter in your beak.

Just a friendly hello message.

You have no clue I’ve sprung a leak.

I raise my eyes in wonderment and thank whatever powers that be.

Yes, surely my heart has yours on speed dial.

We will always be you and me.

This is a poem I wrote for my beautiful best friendĀ J. She really does have a knack for getting in touch with me right when I need her. She is beautiful, creative, loving,kind, im so lucky to have her in my life. Lucky for you guys im willing to share (a little loll), Go check out her blog as well. You won’t be sorry šŸ¼