Misadventures of the education seeking Panda!

I sit upon the leather chair.

Pondering things that led me there.

Perhaps excitement was to blame?

To pursue a goal and to everyone proclaim…

That I would chase my dreams once again.

I shut my car door and looked down with a cringe.

My keys…oh my precious.

Not there on my neck.

Not in my pocket.

Oh no let me check….


There they are.

Right there on my seat.

The lanyard is grinning from metaphorical cheek to cheek.

I went about my business thinking help would arrive.

Only to be done and be left stranded outside.

I rushed to the car thinking of the door that doesn’t quite shut….

Only to fall up the stairs in my rush.

I feel the blood stinging on my knees and my toe.

My finger and forearm….concrete is quite the Foe.

After talking and thinking, I called for my mommy.

I decided i’d wait in my favorite of lobbies.

I get lost in the library with books all around me.

Being back on a campus fills me with glee.

In the school I hope to attend in the spring.

I think of what the future will bring.

Its a wonderful place to waste time quite indeed.

I just hope on the lovely green carpet I don’t bleed.





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