Just a thought…..(R)

If its on the tip of my tongue…

It means its not deep enough.

I don’t like being unable to finish a sentence….

So make me choke on my words?

A little pain only increases the pleasure baby…

So cum on.

Show me what I’ve been missing?

My tongue can be the runway…

To the star of the show.

Everything I see of a Phallic nature

Sets my mind ablaze with desire for you.

I might as well be blindfolded…

Perhaps even handcuffed?

Make me yours as no one else has…

I take you deeper than ever before.

Hair amiss.

Our eyes lock.


You. Are. Ambrosial.



7 thoughts on “Just a thought…..(R)

  1. I was wondering what the (R) meant…Didn’t take long to figure out.
    Forcefully pleading with playful innuendo but also bold suggestive statements that leaves no illusion as to the context.
    Quite the fun piece you’ve got here 😋

    Liked by 1 person

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