Cotton Candy Memories

Pink and Blue isn’t just for babies.

Its the color of childhood.

The color of maybes.

Maybe ill be a kid forever!

Maybe ill ride the Ferris wheel!

Maybe daddy will ride with me!

Oh, how simple it used to feel.

When my biggest decision was which ride to ride…

at the local county fair.

And we’d go watch shows together…

before you were stuck in a chair.

I’m whisked away to a time…

when I didn’t have the addiction.

To bleed away my worries

because I couldn’t fix them.

Before the darkness set in.

 The struggle that came with it.

When loving life was easier.

Now everything is so different.

Before you got sick and left.

Before my heart was shattered.

Before he became the voice in my head,

that tells me I don’t matter.

When you were the only man I needed.

My hero.

And my friend.

Childhood was so beautiful,

before it had to……….

The last bite goes down bittersweet.

I wipe my face with my sleeve.

As long as I have these memories,

Its like my childhood didn’t leave.

So i’ll eat my cotton candy icecream.

Be your little girl at the fair.

Before the world stole her.

And filled her with despair.


6 thoughts on “Cotton Candy Memories

  1. Alright ladies! That’s enough talking about me behind me back!! 😄

    This is a really bittersweet tale, I like how such a simple inspiration from a food can transport you to memories that touch the warm centres of the heart but also tug at heartstrings from the aching desires to return to a time past.
    it start with such whimsy falls to despair and finds balance by the end, it quite eloquently alagorises growing up. Playful child, tortured teen, wise adult.

    The personal aches are what make this piece, I really enjoyed it

    Okay you can go back to talking about me now 😋

    Liked by 1 person

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