Drown Together

Stranded in the ocean of complication….

Knowing what a life with me could mean…


Better yet why?

Would you hold me close when I’m trying to save you?

You will drown if you stay here don’t you see?

I’m just trying to live my agony.

And not take you down on this sinking ship.

I love you enough to set you free.

Yet still you choose to be with me?

If that is your choice…I’ll have to respect it.

Though i’m not sure why i’ve not yet been rejected.

His voice in my head.

The demon I can’t see.

Tells me you’ll change and wish you were free.


Fuck him and all.

I’m done second guessing.

Done trying to save you from me cuz its messy.

As long as you’re in it.

I’ll stay that way too.

We’ll just drown together.

Build the coffin for two.


8 thoughts on “Drown Together

  1. Holy shit, I dare say this is the best piece you’ve ever written. It’s bloody brilliant. It rhymes in all the right places and the pacing is perfect. Just marvelous, my dear!

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  2. Inspiring and eloquent. You’ve captured a simple longing not to burden someone you love because of your own perceived flaws. It resonates powerfully but the way it’s written as an argument is fantastic. “fine if you won’t listen to me then your stuck with me!” It’s a gorgeous sentiment we all crave.
    Truly great piece!

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      • I see a lot of myself in it, that heartache to sacrifice your own happiness to save someone else without giving them the choice to weigh in.
        You’ve said it a lot better than me in a truly genius style, that internal argument you have before having conversation, preparing yourself for a fight. I’ve never thought to write with that flourish and it makes the piece that much more intimate and striking.
        Don’t be flattered by anything I say, simply be awed by what you’ve done!


      • Seriously your comments are too awesome lol. It is tempting to try to “save” everyone. Its hard to feel like you’re an adult and you should have it all together..at least as together as your other adult friends…only to realize you aint got shit together and you’re just making it haha

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      • Awwww, that’s so sweet of you to say, I just say what I feel. Most times its madness though so just be warned, insanity lives on me πŸ˜„
        I find myself always wanting to be the saviour as if sacrificing my own life will be the best thing for the world. Often we think too grand, you need to accept the small part you have in the world and make it big enough that it forms it’s own gravitational pull to bring happiness love and amazing people to you. So far it’s not working for me but I love in hope.
        Adult life is the worst, sure the money and freedom is okay but the responsibility is annoying. Luckily we all share it ans if you have the right friends you’ll help each other bumble your way through life with a smile 😊


  3. A quote from my favorite romance moviie (p.s I love you). that really speaks to me about adult hood. “If we’re all in this alone…then we’re together in that too.” its helpful sometimes when i feel like im the only one messing up and fumbling my way through it haha.


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