Scared little girl

Fear is a strong emotion.

It can make you…

See things.

Think things.

Feel things.

Things that are only in your head.

When the fight or flight instinct kicks in….

Do you fight for what you love?

Or fly away as fast as you can?

Knowing you may get hurt.

Worse than ever.

Pull away…?

Or just enjoy the moment?

There is a  voice inside my head I can’t ignore.

“It’s not too late”

“It will only be worse later”

“Pull out now”

“At least pump the brakes”

But I don’t want to…..

You’re worth the risk.

I knew the rules when I started playing this game.

And that just makes it even scarier.



8 thoughts on “Scared little girl

  1. Well founded fears that keep us safe bit sometimes alone. I wish I were braver to take risks. This is a really well put together examination of the doubts of fear and the passions of one so in love they’ll risk the pains for hope of the opposite. Great piece!

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  2. Eh some of the best things in the world are positively dark so that is totally fine (in reference to Pandora’s box). Besides I’ve really been slacking on my blogging lately…Any reason to get me here so I can write is good.


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