Hold on.

Hate is such a strong word.

But so accurate for something so vile.

You claim so many making them your subjects.

An army of disembodied souls.

Floating through life.


Floating implies weightlessness.


Fighting is a better word.


Coming up for a gasp of air before being pulled down again.

Depression is an ugly bitch.

Tearing apart hearts and minds.

Imaginary lines in the sand that can never be crossed.

Wanderers unreachable.

Blinded by her grasp.

A fickle whore you just can’t purge yourself of.

You can’t get over it.

You can’t shake it off.

Sometimes you need help.

And there’s no shame in that….

Even skyscrapers have support beams.

Depression is a daily struggle.

Know when to ask for help.

Its okay.

Dont be ashamed.

This is a great 24/7 fully confidential text service. 

It’s never to late.


4 thoughts on “Hold on.

  1. Even skyscrapers have support beams

    That’s brilliantly and eloquently put. This is a fantastic support to any and all who suffer the merciless grasp of depression. Such a truly kind hearted concept for you to write as that outstretched hand.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I am sorrowful to hear of anyone with depression. I have a couple really amazing people in my life as well as on here that help me. I’m glad you’ve found people who support you. Your writing is beautiful so we are all privelaged to have you here…thats right im saying it. good job. haha


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