Strange Alcohol

“Blood is thicker than water”.

I’ve always heard that saying my entire life.

But what about blood that has always been poisoned.

I’d much rather have water over that shit.

And what about cool-aid?

No wait.

You’re more like…..


But a sweet one.

You try to be all rough and thorny with that alcoholic burn.

Teasing me and refusing my huggish affections…threatening me with frozen turkey.

But I taste those underlying notes of sweetness.

The way we have “Theology with Cara”

And talk of Pokemon.

I know you care for me.

At least more than a bucket of mud.

And that’s surely enough for me.

Big Brother.

This poem is about my best friends husband. Through hanging out constantly with her, dinners and overnights, weekends, shopping, double dating…well through a lot of things, I got to befriend her husband. Who has become, in so many ways, a Brother to me. We have a strange relationship at times. But I love him like a little sister loves her protective older brother. He’ll probably comment ew or something like that when he reads this (I said “strange relationship” for a reason haha) But I hope it makes him smile at least a little, because I meant every word.

Also, he too has a blog! He’s an amazing writer! Click the link to be whisked away to a place of poetry, short stories, fantasy and awesomeness.  go now in wispsofsmoke.



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