A poem of sorts

,So. I decided a while ago to start picking a random word from the dictionary every day to learn, to broaden my vocabulary. A friend of mine, J, suggested making a Facebook post using my new word each day and My boyfriend Andrew  (though you may know him from my tags as James) really loves the idea but took it a step farther, suggesting I write something more creative, in this instance a poem, using the new word each day. So….here goes nothing. This one has more than one new word because I’m starting now. By the by they both also have wonderfully poetic blogs you should definitely look into hehe. Okay…here we go.


I met you in the fall.

When leaves were changing.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but so was I.

It started out slowly.

A glance here, a giggle there.

Movie night.

Collywobbles when you found my secret poem.

Hand holding during The Breakfast Club.

Longing so badly for that first perfect kiss.

The “almost” moments that were anything but Sporadic.

My heart knew before I did that

“in all the ways that matter, I am completely and totally,  yours”.

Such an Urbane, compassionate man.

I realized Post Haste that I had to make you mine.

To all the women who didn’t “get” you before, I say…

Thank You.



11 thoughts on “A poem of sorts

  1. I’m very glad that you decided to go through with this, because i really enjoyed this poem. I really liked that part at the end. It’s so true that what one person may overlook may be another person’s wonder.

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