An Apple a Day….thanks to J

So. I have this friend. Lets just call her J. Through no fault of her own really, honestly shes just being herself, she has radically changed something for me. See my dear friend, has become recently vegetarian and is seriously considering veganism (is that a word?) Now, fear not! She is not a bad vegetarian. Not the kind to shove her ideas down my throat or to make a scene when I enjoy meat around her. If I ask she is happy to discuss, and therefore…I am hereby proclaiming, to try. See…I love meat. So much. But lately, I’ve been sick. Very often.  Due to my friends encouragement, I’ve really taken the time to think about what I’ve been putting into my body. And honestly, a lot of crap. I don’t eat much lately because when I do eat I feel worse. But the other day something magical happened. I was actually hungry. Instead of eating fast food…I stopped by the local produce market and got two red apples. Let me tell you…my body was so happy. Not only was it delicious, but I felt…good! I’ve been eating more fruit and I honestly feel better. More energy and just good. So. New plan is…lots of fruits and vegetables. I will still eat and enjoy meat…But maybe just for one meal a day. I think i’m finally done with fast food. Now J, I know you’ll see this. I need support because you know how much I love fast food. Dig me up some horrible documentary on awful fast food practices and we shall watch it together and hopefully that will keep me away haha. Id also love and much appreciate any tips from my fellow bloggers! I love you dear friend for being you and making me want to be a healthier me!


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