Love Birds

caras love birds

The stars are our only keepers,

when we are alone in the night.

My heart smiles as you stroke my arm.

    As I let it sink in… perfect this night really is,

you let your thoughts escape you.

” I was starting to wonder, if this moment would ever happen.

I was beginning to accept, it might not.”

While your words sadden me slightly,

I’ve never been happier to prove someone wrong.

“The world is not a wish granting factory.”

But I’m eternally grateful it granted me you.

We flutter around in the glow of each other.

Flying high on the updrafts of Love.

This really does feel like the start of something wonderful.

We might as well start building a nest.

We’re just a couple of…

Love Birds

I colored this picture above while listening to romantic music and thinking of my lovebird. God help me fellow bloggers….I’m so twitterpated. Ever since my dearest friend J printed off this page for our coloring togetherness (yes we do adult coloring and if you don’t you should because it soooooo relaxing!) I have been seeing little love birds EVERYWHERE! I couldn’t be happier though because this poem, while inspired by a simple coloring page, is completely true. I’m 100% Twitterpated baby. But only for you.

Citation: “The world is not a wish granting factory” is a quote from one of my favorite books The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, you can find it and his other works here.


Rated R

Heartbeat quickens.

Breathing becomes shallow.

I quiver.

The words on the screen that send me reeling.

Are the actions that orgasms are made of.

Please. …. don’t stop.