Me And You

What’s plain but isn’t plain at all?

What’s big but also very small?

What moves my heart while standing still?

What gives my tastebuds quite a thrill?

It’s J!

Simply.  Plainly.  True.

Yes J this is about you!

Your style is classic,  clean, and neat.

But your personalitys a wild streak.

Your heart is big.  Your frame is small.

I know we both wish we were tall.

You move my heart while standing still.

Your cooking gives my mouth a thrill.

You make me happy when you smile.

You don’t have to move to move me a mile.

Our little adventures are simply the best.

To Shelby!

To Wal-Mart!

There’s always a quest!

You say all the time how I save you with glee.

I say all the time that it’s you who save me.

Either way I love you.

As my sister you’ll agree.

I’m so glad we found each other.

Me and you.

You and me.

I wrote this for my beautiful friend and sister from another mother J. I love you. Beautiful lady! She has done so much for me in a time in our lives when we both needed each other. She’s beautiful inside and out. I love her more than pandas.  Which we all know… is a lot 😉


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