In Her Majesty’s Frozen Service

A beautiful piece by my beautiful friend amd fellow blogger. You should definitely check out his stuff.

Tales from the Tome

The lady in blue
approached me tonight:
encroached the space
between lock
and face
to enter my room
at 1 a.m.;
her icy tendrils
and snow-streaked curls
reaching across
to wake me from sleep.

I stirred as I saw her,
the Iceberg Queen,
to chill my bones
and firmly point
at the radiator
beside my bed.
“Me or it”,
my Blizzard Muse hissed,
“One of us
will have to go.”

She melted and dripped
from her warming hips
as she laid
the choice on the line.
“I’m fine”,
I opined,
as she threw up her hands
and leaked to the air
the last word:
“Why can’t you see
i’m ceasing to be?!
You know that you’ve got
to make it
through the Winter with me!”

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