Fight Like A Panden

I stand at the base of the mountain.

I look up as the cold wind whips around me.  

I’m terrified but I know I must continue.

It’s at this very moment that the snow werewolves start to howl.

They use to be humans.

Then they changed.

But he is worth the impending battle.

The pack leader will attack me when I try to take his cub.

Our cub.

I assure myself I’m doing the right thing.

It’s not forever.

He needs him too.

To teach him.

I take a deep breath knowing I won’t be able to explain anything to the wolf unless I draw him away from the pack.

That’s the plan….


I’ve never been one to pick a fight.

 In fact I’ve always done just the opposite.

Run from confrontation.

That was the motto.

But I’m learning sometimes you have to fight for what you love.



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