I wait like the stars

Await their chance to shine.

I wait like the trees

Await the breeze so they can dance.

I wait like the flower

Awaits spring.

I will wait.

Good things are worth waiting for.

And God, are you good.


That is all wrong.

I don’t feel like I’m waiting….

I feel like…

You spin me as if we’re dancing

To a  song beautifully paced.

A dance that only we know the steps to.

You unfold me like the sun unfold the flower.

After a hard and penetrating snow.

Our song plays on to a pace all it’s own.

And I fall deeper with every note.



You invade my dreams.

Like a thief in the night.

Calling into question so many things.

My integrity.

        My virtue.

                Who I am.

                        And who I love.

But you’re not real.

You’re a polaroid  from a camera now broken.

How’d it break you ask?


Well after it was damaged beyond repair….

I set fire to the bitch.

Bite Me

There is a lurking danger.

 Like a predator awaiting its chance.

To pounce.

To attack me and rip out my throat.

But I’m no longer your puppet to dance.

I refuse to let days and nights pass me by.

Consumed by a fear of the hunt.

I’ll deal with your face,

when it invades my space.

 But let me go ahead and be blunt.

 Pounce. Attack. Or do nothing at all.

But now you know that its true.

You can bite me.

I’m not afraid of you.


Me And You

What’s plain but isn’t plain at all?

What’s big but also very small?

What moves my heart while standing still?

What gives my tastebuds quite a thrill?

It’s J!

Simply.  Plainly.  True.

Yes J this is about you!

Your style is classic,  clean, and neat.

But your personalitys a wild streak.

Your heart is big.  Your frame is small.

I know we both wish we were tall.

You move my heart while standing still.

Your cooking gives my mouth a thrill.

You make me happy when you smile.

You don’t have to move to move me a mile.

Our little adventures are simply the best.

To Shelby!

To Wal-Mart!

There’s always a quest!

You say all the time how I save you with glee.

I say all the time that it’s you who save me.

Either way I love you.

As my sister you’ll agree.

I’m so glad we found each other.

Me and you.

You and me.

I wrote this for my beautiful friend and sister from another mother J. I love you. Beautiful lady! She has done so much for me in a time in our lives when we both needed each other. She’s beautiful inside and out. I love her more than pandas.  Which we all know… is a lot 😉

In Her Majesty’s Frozen Service

A beautiful piece by my beautiful friend amd fellow blogger. You should definitely check out his stuff.

Tales from the Tome

The lady in blue
approached me tonight:
encroached the space
between lock
and face
to enter my room
at 1 a.m.;
her icy tendrils
and snow-streaked curls
reaching across
to wake me from sleep.

I stirred as I saw her,
the Iceberg Queen,
to chill my bones
and firmly point
at the radiator
beside my bed.
“Me or it”,
my Blizzard Muse hissed,
“One of us
will have to go.”

She melted and dripped
from her warming hips
as she laid
the choice on the line.
“I’m fine”,
I opined,
as she threw up her hands
and leaked to the air
the last word:
“Why can’t you see
i’m ceasing to be?!
You know that you’ve got
to make it
through the Winter with me!”

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Fight Like A Panden

I stand at the base of the mountain.

I look up as the cold wind whips around me.  

I’m terrified but I know I must continue.

It’s at this very moment that the snow werewolves start to howl.

They use to be humans.

Then they changed.

But he is worth the impending battle.

The pack leader will attack me when I try to take his cub.

Our cub.

I assure myself I’m doing the right thing.

It’s not forever.

He needs him too.

To teach him.

I take a deep breath knowing I won’t be able to explain anything to the wolf unless I draw him away from the pack.

That’s the plan….


I’ve never been one to pick a fight.

 In fact I’ve always done just the opposite.

Run from confrontation.

That was the motto.

But I’m learning sometimes you have to fight for what you love.


Sisterhood Of The World Award!


Hello my dear sweet Panda followers! I am thrilled to announce and share with you I have been nominated for a peer blog award! The Sisterhood Of The World Award is an award where female bloggers nominate other female bloggers who have been a blog sister! Even though I am newer to blogging, I have been blessed to be able to participate in such a wonderful community. I think it is beautiful how we all interact with each other through our blogs! The rules call for me to nominate 7 bloggers who have shown me such sisterly blogging companionship, however to stay true to the title I only picked the ones I really thought fit so only 4. I was honored and very touched to be nominated by the one and only J.  She is actually the one who introduced me to blogging and helped me make my page. Her blog is beautiful just like her and you should totally go check her out here at septembersrose.wordpress.com! She is 11 away from her big 100 blog followers mark. Lets help her reach it!!!

And now…drum roll please….the award nominees for Sisterhood Of The World Are:

septembersrose: Thank you so very much for nominating me. You touch my heart the way no one else can. You are the reason this blog even exists! But that isn’t why you’re number one. You’re number one because you make my heart bigger ever time I see you. We have laughed together. Cried together, well I cried while you held me like a child. You’ve been my rock when I needed you most. And my honest friend when I would have rather been lied to. Which I know isn’t easy to do all the time. You are truly my sister from another mother (I know its lame and I don’t care 😉 )

frecklesforbreakfast: I do realize this is your second nomination for the award! Congrats! While I am still newer to blogging, you have been a pretty constant viewer and liker of my page which is a confidence boost to have kept the interest of someone so talented. I love your entire page. Just everything about it. But particularly the way you title your posts is so creative. I enjoy our comment conversation cant wait to see what the future hold for our blogs 🙂

goldwhaletale: Your blog is so very honest it really inspires me to put myself out there. I enjoy our conversations a lot. You inspire me to keep going and trying to believe things can get better.

being1nsane: Not only do I love your poetry posts but I also love you how try to connect us as a community with thetopicthingy. If you guys haven’t tried this you have to go look into it. Its a fun way to participate in the blog community.

I really love all 4 of these ladies blogs. You would be sorely missing out if you didn’t give them a peek!

Now, award technical things (rules) for those nominated:

  • Say “Thank You” to the person who nominated you & link their blog to your post.
  • Answer the 10 questions given to you.
  • Pass the award on to 7 other bloggers and let them know they have been nominated. (I’m sorry again I felt the need to break this one ha!)
  • Include the Award Badge in your post.

1. WHAT MADE YOU WANT TO START YOUR BLOG? My beautiful friend J (can you tell how badly I want you to go to her page by how many times I’ve linked it haha!) I was writing in my journal so much. She suggested I start a blog and since I loved her blog it was a no brainier. I was worried it would be a lot of work or that no one would even care to read anything I wrote. Not that how many followers I get is a huge deal, but if i was going to put it out there, it would be nice to know someone appreciated it; that it helped someone. Thank fully I have received so much positivity from just being myself through blogging. I love it.
2. WHAT HAVE YOU WANTED TO DO ON YOUR BLOG BUT HAVEN’T YET? WHY NOT?   I try to post a little bit of everything. Whether it be poetry or panda musings. The one area I lack is actual fictional writing. I like to do it but I don’t pursue it as much. Probably because I don’t think i’m very good at it.
3. NAME ONE ITEM ON YOUR BUCKET LIST, OR MORE IF YOU LIKE?  I would really love to visit every continent. To learn new cultures and experience the world. I know that probably sounds so basic. I have lived a very small town existence though. I hope to one day broaden that.
4. WHAT IS YOUR BIGGEST FEAR?  My biggest fear is dying before I know or reach my biggest dreams.
5. WHAT IS YOUR BEST MOMENT IN LIFE?  My best moments in life are when I cry happy tears. All of those moments are what make life worth living.
6. WITH NEW YEARS, DO YOU MAKE RESOLUTIONS? IF SO, NAME ONE. IF NOT, WHY DON’T YOU LIKE TO MAKE THEM?  I usually do not make new year resolutions. Because I am bad at keeping them. This year however I did set one. To love myself better.
7. IF YOU COULD HOST A CHALLENGE ON YOUR BLOG, WHAT KIND WOULD IT BE?  Hm, I honestly hadn’t thought of that. I would challenge everyone to watch a movie on my blog (if that would even be possible) called Mulholland Drive and then to write a blog theory about it. Seriously. Its an amazing movie but really mind bending.
8. WHAT WAS THE NAME OF YOUR FIRST PET? WHAT DO YOU REMEMBER THE MOST ABOUT THEM?  I remember having a cat named smokey for about 2 days before the owner showed up haha. My first pet I ever loved was a dog named Rusty. He was rust colored. I remember living in a highly wooded, lowly populated area and just walking through the woods with him feeling like nothing could hurt me as long as I had him by my side.
9. DID YOU EVER GO TO A HIGH SCHOOL REUNION? WAS IT FUN OR NOT?10. DO YOU HAVE A PET PEEVE?  I have never. I don’t know that I ever would. Most people I went to high school with were not my kind of people. But who knows could be fun to see how everyone had changed.

Thank you again to J (GO LOOK AT IT lolol!!!!!) for the beautiful honor of being nominated and being your friend and sister. I love you so much. Big thank you to the nominees as well, frecklesforbreakfastgoldwhaletale, and being1nsane for making my first few months of blogging so positive! You  all deserve this award!

I know this post is MASSIVE so thank you all for reading this! I hope the nominees enjoy their nominations and you all enjoy their blogs.

With Giant Panda Attack Hugs!!