the topic thingy december


If I made a list.

Of reasons.

Why I am…

Why I like you.

God that list would be extensive.

Longer than a three hour movie made up of  a list.

So I won’t make a list.

Instead I’ll  smile.

Try not to blush.

Calm the butterflies in my stomach when our eyes meet.

Clear the breath caught in my throat when our fingers accidentally touch.

Steady my heart when you find my secret poem.

Steady my entire being when you tell me you liked it.

This could be the start,

Of something beautiful.

I can’t deny it…

I feel myself falling.

Except it doesn’t feel like falling at all.

It feels like..


This was a post for a subject called

the topic thingy

by Being 1nsane

It was really fun posting this. I meant every word.






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