Smarter than the average panda

14503838907952125818103.jpgAs I sit at work eating my lunch of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  Im reminded of one fact.  There is a kid in all of us.  Growing up we are told to do exactly that.  Grow up.  Put childish things behind you. And at some level it’s good advice.  But. …just because we are adults doesn’t mean our inner child has to be eradicated completely.  So since I LOVE list….here’s some childlike inspiration!

  1. Dance like no one is looking.
  2. Laugh without wondering if your smile isn’t the best.  It’s beautiful by the way.
  3. Find an anime.  Seriously.  It’s like cartoons for adults. they’re awesome And there are so many different ones you can definitely find at least one you like.
  4. For that matter watch a kids cartoon.  Hey Arnold is just about the best thing ever haha.
  5. Eat with your fingers.  It’s fun I promise.
  6. Most of all. ….Give yourself a break. Kids don’t worry about if they’re well adjusted or if they’re pleasing everyone. Listen to that kid inside.  They’re smarter than the average panda!



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