Pandas Don’t Hibernate.

A blogger I follow (that suddenly deleted their site so I cant give them credit) made a list. I asked if I could use the list as my own blog post and she thought it was a great idea. I re blogged it at the time. Anyway, the list was things she would not let her breakup ruin for her just because the lists reminded her of them. For those of you that don’t know i’m going through a divorce. Its been a hard time. Things are getting better in my head and heart. A lot. Still not easy..and there are still things that need to change. At any rate, I’ve come to realize if I avoid everything that reminds me of us. our time together. I might as well hibernate.  Pandas don’t hibernate. So here it is. My very own List of things.

  • Pandas. I remember that drawing you had made for us. Three humanoids. A panda a wolf and a koala. on a log in a forest. I may not be your panda anymore….but that’s okay. I still love pandas.
  • That one artist music I enjoy so much. So many of their songs were “your” songs. I won’t share the name to avoid ruining it for anyone who knows me.
  • Bowling.
  • Anime. Especially Naruto and Inuyasha.
  • Sweet Frog. I know this one seems silly. But for the longest time I couldn’t even go in there without becoming upset.
  • Romantic comedies
  • Dancing
  • The King Killer Chronicles

I could go on but these are the main ones. Most importantly, I won’t avoid myself. Memories of times when I was truly happy. Because a lot of those were with you two.  But I will be smart enough to take them for what they are. Memories. Of a time before everything changed. Because I cant have a future with memories of who you used to be.


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