Blind Fools

A dear friend who is new to blogging. Good post. Im not biased well maybe a little ha ha Check him out.


You do not know me. You could not even begin to understand me. You think because you know a few notes that you begin to know the symphony of my heart? The music that moves my soul? You couldnt even fathom the tempo let alone the words. I stand taller than you even on my worse days! I am a wraith unlike anything you have seen. I rage, I cry, I love and I fight! I will never back down, will never quit. I have become more machine than man. And it’s all thanks to people like you. The ones who think that they can give a glance and understand the world. I’ll be there you know, when your world has burned down around you and no one is at hour side, I’ll be there. Laughing. Singing the Death of everything you are and the Life that you gave up.

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