In a world full of things.

I find myself with not enough.

The stress to impress is real.

It presses me down into a box wrapped with wishful thinking.

To compare what things I can give to what others will.

A mistake I made all too soon.

It shouldn’t matter.

But somehow the little things I did not think about bother me the most.

A competition I’m sure to loose that is not a competition at all.

Still this feeling that what I’m capable of is not enough.

Boils down to the fear that I’m not enough.

I wish I could make myself feel better.

Like The Beatles said…..Cant Buy Me Love.

Yet here I sit.

With feelings I cant shake.

Thoughts I cant push away.

For now distraction techniques.

To keep my demons at bay.


One thought on “Torn

  1. If you’re speaking of the holidays and the pressure or desire to bless others with things, I can relate. And though you need no reminder, the season is so much more than that and no one will love you less.

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