Peter, Pooh, & Peek-A-Boo

I’m so fluffy.

I’m so cute.

I chew on the bamboo chute.

Black and white and Asian too.

I’m a Panda named Peek-A-Boo!

I like to eat!

I like to play!

Soft soft grass is where I lay.

I like to run.

I like to chew.

Mostly on crunchy things like bamboo.

See I’m a Panda and we like to eat.

That is why our bodies have so much meat.

We also have a lot of fur,

or is it hair?

I’m not quite sure.

Well anyway, back to the fur.

Its black and white and all over.

I’m very cuddly but also wild.

My temperament is very mild.

I could eat meat but i’d have to kill.

So bamboo gives my tummy its fill.

I am endangered this is true.

There is not many left like Peek-a-Boo.

My species doesn’t like to breed.

I’m not sure why, its fun indeed.

And if you think that I am cute,

You should see my babies named Peter and Pooh.

They’re little tiny balls of fluff.

People can’t seem to get enough.

They like to come and watch them play.

In fact they do it everyday.

See we live here in the zoo.

Oh, don’t be sad we love it too!

Its nice and safe.

They treat us well.

They actually love us, I can tell.

They play with us and check our health.

There is lots of room for play or stealth.

So if we don’t want to play or be seen,

We can hide till we feel serene.

We love it here inside the zoo.

Just Peter, Pooh, and Peek-a-Boo.


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