Fly Away

*So this is my first and perhaps only (ha ha) attempt at fiction that came from my daydreaming ha ha. I hope someone likes it.*

The chill wind whips under my crimson dress and makes me shudder.

I look around and see only two things.

The dense forest around me, and the darkening sky.

The wind plays a song to which the trees wrote the lyrics.

I wiggle my toes and feel the cool moss and leaves beneath my bare feet.

I look up and see the glitter strewn across the sky.

Night has come upon me. My feet run away with me.

I know I must escape the chilling woods that surround me.

The predators will awaken soon.

I reach a clearing just before a cliff.

I lean over the edge cautiously. The rocks below grin menacingly at me.

I refuse to give them what they desire.

Too dark to escape back through the wood. My heart fills with dread.

I turn and prepare to fight. I can hear them approaching.

The clearing is bright from the full moon. That is at least an advantage.

I feel you next to me before I see you.

I try to hide the smile from my voice.

“I know you would come”.

I glance over just in time to see you try to hide your smile.

“I always will”.

The first of them enters the clearing, pausing to let out an ungodly roar.

The others throughout the forest sound off with their own terrifying reply’s.  Signaling they are hungry and eager to kill.

The first one charges and I instantly recognize its matted hair and something else….the stench of death.

“James” I say with an urgency in my voice.

“We cant defeat that.”

You say nothing but look around nervously, as if looking for an escape route even though we both know, there is none to be had.

You grab my hand.

“Do you trust me?”

“Enough” I reply nervously, feeling your soft yet clammy hand for the first time.

“Jump!” You yell as you pull me off the edge with you.

I close my eyes and wait for the pain of my body slamming into the rocks.

It never comes.

I open my eyes slowly.

I’m relieved to see you have sprouted large soft pink wings.

You smile down at me in your arms.

“Surprise!” You say with laughter filling your voice.

I laugh like i’m surprised. But i’m not.

I always knew there was something special about you.







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