You taught me well


There’s a monster under my bed!

Will you make him go away?


    I need you!

      …Daddy I’m scared!



You’re not here anymore.

Don’t worry daddy, I can be a big girl.

I’ll take care of that mean ole monster.

See don’t worry daddy hes gone!

Well, not quite gone, but not as scary anymore.

It took me awhile to build up my courage,

Climb off my bed and look deep into the darkness.

But I did it daddy.

Are you proud?

I faced my monster!

He was surprised.

He wouldn’t leave so I forced him into my closet and locked the door.

Every once in a while he breaks the lock and cracks the door open.

But I always slam it shut.

Its okay daddy.

I’m okay.

You taught your little girl well.

I Love You Daddy.

Me and Daddy


2 thoughts on “You taught me well

  1. I can feel the pain and ache for him to be here again. You’ve had to endure a lot without him and that’s so unfair. I’m glad you’re able to talk about it now. Thank you for trusting me with your deepest emotions. I love you!

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