So…hello. This is my first blog. We’ve already covered that. I was going through my journals, wondering what my first post should be about, what should I share with the world. After going through my day to day journal and reading some of my past entries, this is what I have to share…

If there is someone you love, someone who loves you; absolutely go for it. Just stay true to yourself. Listen to that little voice inside that says this isn’t okay; you deserve better; because you do. Its so easy in an abusive relationship to deny it. It is especially if the relationship is “only” emotionally abusive.

You repeat to yourself

“its not that bad.”

“he’d never hit me”.

“oh things will get better”.

“Things will change.”

Yes relationships are work. So work on it. Try to make things better if you and your partner are really committed to each other.  However, we all deserve to be  respected and loved the right way. We all want to be loved. To find that one, marry, be on the front porch in rocking chairs when we are 99 with grandchildren around you and holding hands. Your eyes may have cataracts but you look at each other your hearts swell and you die holding hands. We all want that. Or at least I know I did. But sometimes we let that want drive us into a relationship that is not what we deserve, unhealthy even.  So be wary fellow lovers of love. You have to love you first. Find yourself. Discover what you truly want and need in a mate. Most of all, know that you are all “fearfully and wonderfully made“.

You deserve to be treated like it.


8 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. This is a hard lesson to learn for many. I’m blessed to be the friend that’s walked with you through it all. Now all the struggle can be wisdom for others. Proud of you!


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