*This is the story of a captive panda. I thought I’d share this because what is a panda blog with no pandas. ha ha. I wrote it in a time that I felt I was trapped in a situation with no solution. At least no easy one. I hope you like it.*

The walls surround me like a cage.

I’d love to get out. I’d love to escape.

I’m fed like a baby everyday.

They always ask me to come out and play.

But i’m tired of it. Tired of ease.

I want to hunt. Run and play free.

Not on a schedule. Not being watched.

I don’t need someone to examine my crotch.

They want me to breed, to have little cubs.

But what is breeding without love.

I miss the adventure of chasing a mate.

The courtship, and friendship and picking a date.

They stole all that from me.  And I don’t know why.

I think what I miss the most is the sky.  The sky and the wind.

The grass beneath my paws.

They may have all that here….But its fake and its flawed.

Its just not the same.  I’m not wild and I’m not free.

And sure they may not treat me bad, but this place wasn’t meant for me.

I’m always observed.  There are flashes and shouts.

Little children call to me and they try to bring me out.

But I try to hide from people’s prying eyes.

Its not natural and its not right.

If I thought it would help, I’d put up more of a fight

But its useless.  I am here.  This is where i’m intended to stay.

I guess i’ll make the best of it.

Maybe I’ll like it someday.

I have no other choice.

So i’ll learn to eat and play on a schedule like a pet every. single. day.

I’ll dance like a trained monkey for all who come to see.

I’ll try to see the good side, whatever that maybe.

There’s no escape. No going back.

I’m tamed as tamed could be.

Maybe one day i’ll see someone

with whom I actually want to breed.

But for now i’ll grin and bear it.

Make the most of what I have.

Maybe i’ll learn to love it, and not be so sad.

Sure its not ideal for a giant panda like me

to be locked up in a cage when id rather be free.

But they say i’m endangered and that this is for the best.

So ill trust the tall figures with the badges on their vest.

For now the schedule says nap time.  I’m off to my grass bed.

My name is Polly Panda.

Or at least that’s what they said.

Picture by my dear friend Jzander pander



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