I feel these four walls closing in.

They surround me.

Too much in not enough space.

Too crowded in such a small place.


I need to get out.

Help me escape this madness of confinement.


Is in the silence I don’t have.


A Very Panda Christmas!

This is the very first poem I ever wrote, edited just a tiny bit for my blog (so bear (he he get it! Panda BEAR) with me)! I hope someone likes it ha ha!

Christmas time is here again, bringing hope and cheer and friends!

Families gathered round the tree, children running filled with glee!

Houses decorated bright, gladly lit with Christmas light

Families all around the Earth, celebrate the Christ child’s birth.

Candy Canes and Mistletoe, make the children’s faces glow.

Parents kiss and children hug, while drinking coco from a mug.

Children laugh play and sing, filled with joy that Christmas brings.

Wrapping paper on the floor, while songs of joy float through the door.

Silver bells and bright red bows, line all up in pretty rows.

So lets all sing and hug real tight!

“Merry Christmas to all! And to all, a good night!”

My present to you all! I present to you…Pandermint, the Christmas Panda!!! Courtesy of my beautiful best friend and fellow blogger, J and her husband and fellow blogger, E

panda christmas


the topic thingy december


If I made a list.

Of reasons.

Why I am…

Why I like you.

God that list would be extensive.

Longer than a three hour movie made up of  a list.

So I won’t make a list.

Instead I’ll  smile.

Try not to blush.

Calm the butterflies in my stomach when our eyes meet.

Clear the breath caught in my throat when our fingers accidentally touch.

Steady my heart when you find my secret poem.

Steady my entire being when you tell me you liked it.

This could be the start,

Of something beautiful.

I can’t deny it…

I feel myself falling.

Except it doesn’t feel like falling at all.

It feels like..


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It was really fun posting this. I meant every word.





Smarter than the average panda

14503838907952125818103.jpgAs I sit at work eating my lunch of dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets.  Im reminded of one fact.  There is a kid in all of us.  Growing up we are told to do exactly that.  Grow up.  Put childish things behind you. And at some level it’s good advice.  But. …just because we are adults doesn’t mean our inner child has to be eradicated completely.  So since I LOVE list….here’s some childlike inspiration!

  1. Dance like no one is looking.
  2. Laugh without wondering if your smile isn’t the best.  It’s beautiful by the way.
  3. Find an anime.  Seriously.  It’s like cartoons for adults. they’re awesome And there are so many different ones you can definitely find at least one you like.
  4. For that matter watch a kids cartoon.  Hey Arnold is just about the best thing ever haha.
  5. Eat with your fingers.  It’s fun I promise.
  6. Most of all. ….Give yourself a break. Kids don’t worry about if they’re well adjusted or if they’re pleasing everyone. Listen to that kid inside.  They’re smarter than the average panda!


I love you so much

In the night you come to me.

Horrors of you calling for me.

I pick up our snow globe and give it a little shake

He’s asleep I tell myself.

Youll see him again soon.

But there is never enough time with you.

Always to much inbetween.

I ache for you.

I miss you so much.

I love you so much.

Tears dampen my pillow as sleep offers me it’s calming embrace.

Mommy loves you.